About us

Our Story

From our lab colleagues and customers we knew how difficult the organization of all the steps of a PCR is: from primer design and ordering of reagents to documentation and discussion with the team. In addition, we noticed that PCRs offer a lot of potential of collaboration, because certain PCR processes are repeated several times all over the world. That's why we decided to come up with an solution for all of these problems. PCRdrive was born.

Our Team

Our international team consists of developers, physicists, biochemists and graphic designers who are constantly adding improvements and new features to the platform to make it as useful as possible to you. If you should ever come across a feature you are missing, we will be happy to hear about it in our feature request section. To get in touch with our team members, feel free to send us an email to service@pcrdrive.com.

Our Values

We want to provide a product which is useful, easy-to-use and free of charge for all the PCR users worldwide. Another important aspect of our daily work is that your confidential data are staying secure with us by providing a stable platform which offers the best protection against data theft and all sorts of security breaches.

Our Mission

We are a young, future-oriented company providing customized solutions to support researchers and scientists all over the world. We have started this online portal to make your PCR workflow more efficient and enjoyable and to bring the PCR community together in one central place for a better collaboration on PCR projects. This is appreciated by a growing number of PCRdrive users.