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PCRdrive is your personal assistant in every PCR project: With its state-of-the-art primer designer, team functions and documentation features it is the all-in-one platform for all your PCR needs. Get your account today and become a real PCR superhero!

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It's raining PCRs
All the PCRs you could ever want, in one pre-organized place
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Your notes, programs and protocols
Manage your workflow and eliminate the confusion from messy handwriting
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Even Batman needs Robin
Unite your dream team with our organized group sharing function
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No more unspecific primers, please
Our powerful PurePrimer is a step towards perfection
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All the PCRS you need
We know what a time-saver it is to have an organized trove of ready-made PCRs at your fingertips. Our pre-established and constantly growing PCR archive is at your disposal for your very own PCR projects. Draw from our researchers' selections plus build upon results from other users' findings. By using PCRDrive you are benefitting from our existing records and contributing to a greater community of scientists involved in PCR projects.
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Your notes, programs and protocols
While you work, keep tabs on your entire workflow and track your process with helpful documentation tools. Manage your notes, programs and protocols and access it all in one secure location. Peruse and reuse our comprehensive PCR Program as well as PCR Protocol and Regents to make the most out of your PCR project. Never lose your project progress, workflow or loose ideas with our on-site data storage.
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Your whole team in one place
Let you and your lab colleagues congregate and share ideas using our PCRDrive Team function. Pick a team administrator and then join together, post, or edit your PCRs. Never miss a beat in the process; share everything in a secure and organized group setting. Our set up is immediate, easy, and tidy.
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No more unspecific primers
Never sacrifice precise quality again when it comes to your primers. Take advantage of our powerful primer designer PurePrimer; not only does our unique BLAST-based primer design allow for high-quality reconfiguration of Primer3 (thus improving the primer's generation), our highly efficient technology can be used to perform a specificity analysis, often with surprising results. Take your PCR project to the next level with our sophisticated primer design resources and get your most optimal results while saving time.

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