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PCRdrive is the perfect starting point for each of your PCR projects: Including a database full of predesigned qPCR assays, a next generation primer designer with Primer3 and BLAST, useful team functions and wide-ranging PCR documentation features, it is the all-in-one platform for your PCR needs. Get your account today and become a real superhero in all your PCR projects!

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Predesigned qPCR Assays and Public PCRs
Refer to numerous public PCRs as well as predesigned qPCR assays with primers and defined qPCR conditions as widely used.
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Your Notes, Programs and Protocols
Effortlessly manage your workflow and keep your PCR processes impeccably organized with our comprehensive documentation tools
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Congregate Your Lab Team
Unite your PCR dream team with our streamlined group sharing function; organize your group and trade PCR-related tasks amongst yourselves
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Advanced Primer Design
PurePrimer™ is a step towards perfection; this unique BLAST-based primer design tool allows for high-quality reconfiguration of Primer3
Archive of established PCRs
An Ever-Expanding PCR Database
Imagine having a ready-made catalog including thousands of pre-validated PCRs at your fingertips. With PCRdrive, you can benefit from our high-quality qPCR assays for the most important genes, along with the conditions and protocols necessary. With our well-proved simulation based primer design algorithm we ensure optimal assay performance and provide at least one primer pair for every gene to allow for reliable SYBRgreen based gene expression analysis. Build upon selections from our existing records and contribute to a growing community of scientists involved in PCR projects by publishing your own progress if you so choose.
Archive of established PCRs Online tool for PCRs with laptop
Keep PCR notes and protocols Online tool for PCRs with laptop
Online Documentation for PCR
Your notes, programs and protocols
While you work, keep tabs on your comprehensive workflow, tracking your progress with helpful documentation tools. Manage your notes, programs and protocols organized helpfully in one secure location. Take advantage of our comprehensive PCR program as well as PCR protocol and reagents to make the most out of your PCR project. Never lose your project progress, the intricacies of your workflow or loose ideas with our simple set up and on-site data storage.
Working in teams
Your whole team in one place
Let you and your lab colleagues congregate and share ideas using our inclusive PCRdrive team function. Our system allows you to select a team administrator and then join together, post or edit your PCRs. This private, collaborative space is an easy way to share each step of the process and trade information in a secure and organized group setting. You can keep the valuable information where you left it and trade team members with ease. Our set up is immediate, efficient, and tidy.
working in teams Primer design with laptop
PCRdrive-PurePrimer-Screenshot Primer Design with laptop
design primers
Advanced primer design with Primer3 and BLAST
Never sacrifice precise quality again when it comes to your primers. Take advantage of our powerful primer designer: PurePrimer™. Not only does our unique BLAST-based primer design allow for high-quality reconfiguration of Primer3 (improving the primer's generation), our highly efficient technology can be used to perform a specificity analysis, often with surprising results. Take your PCR project to the next level with our sophisticated primer design resources and get your most optimal results while saving valuable time.
IOTA Crypto Currency Reward
Crypto currency reward system
New Feature
At PCRdrive, we are always looking to the future. We uphold this principle not only with enhancing PCR workflow, making the overarching community stronger and the exchange of information seamless and easy; we also value innovation in other fields. That’s why we are integrating cryptocurrency micropayments into our repertoire. As our overarching global network of scientists expands, first and foremost we are offering IOTA points to each new user that joins PCRdrive, as a welcome benefit. Simply click here to create your profile and earn your first IOTA.

If you are an existing member, stay tuned as we roll out even more opportunities to engage in our IOTA micropayments. Such opportunities may arise for completing tasks like documenting a certain number of PCRs, participating in constructive feedback surveys or broadening our network by bringing your lab colleagues. You can find out more about cryptocurrencies and the specifics of this incorporation by visiting our FAQ page clicking here.

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Primer Design

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Batch Primer
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Primer Database

N. of Primers > 1m* < 10k ~ 300k ~ 560k
N. of Species (with >100 primers) > 10* 5 2 13
Success Rate 94% 83.3% 82.6% ?
Additional Features

Cycler Protocols
Reagents Protocols
File Upload
Cloud Storage
Team Functionalities
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Frequently Asked Questions

Pick a section, click on a question below and expand your knowledge about PCRdrive

What can I use PCRdrive for?
PCRdrive is the ideal starting point for every PCR project. Use it to find the right qPCR assay in our archive for the majority of genes of the most relevant model species to save time and work use our advanced primer designer for any DNA sequence of interest securely save all your PCR projects to access them at any point in time work on PCRs with your team or working group more efficiently Try our unique mix of PCR tools by creating your account here.
Why should I trust in PCRdrive instead of comparable products?
First of all it’s easy to trust PCRdrive, because we have spent a lot of time to ensure that it is developed to protect your personal data. In regard to functionality we believe that our product offers a wide range of features that you will not find in any other tool in this combination. For example, there are lots of different primer designers, electronic lab notebooks to safe all kinds of lab data and you can get or buy primer assays from other sources. But all in one place? Well structured and easy to use? Always up-to-date and at the forefront of technology? A place where users can bring in their own opinions for new features? A place where working together is fun? Well, all of that is PCRdrive.
How can I access the database of qPCR assays?
The qPCR assays database is integrated in the PCR section of PCRdrive. Log in (or create your free account first), go to the PCR Lab section and click “Public PCRs” - then you can search for the right assay for your project.
I am missing a feature in PCRdrive – can it be added?
We are always happy to learn how we can improve PCRdrive for our users! Please send us an email to and let us know. Apart from that you are more than welcome to participate in our feature surveys in which you can vote for your favorite functionality to be implemented.
What are the next features to be implemented?
Apart from that you are more than welcome to participate in our feature surveys in which you can vote for your favorite functionality to be implemented.
How can I participate in voting for the next features to be implemented?
Please make sure that your PCRdrive account settings allow us to send you emails. Alternatively, you can simply sign up for ur newsletter at the end of the page.
What is PurePrimer™?
PurePrimer™ is the name of our advanced, BLAST-based primer designer which allows for high-quality reconfiguration of Primer3. It can be used to perform a specificity analysis, often with surprising results. PurePrimer™ will provide a list of specific primers, if available, with a useful graphic interface to display the position of the Primers in the sequence.
How much data can I store in PCRdrive? Is there a limit?
As with almost everything in life, there is a limit which is XX GB. However, we have made sure that you will not reach it without making an effort to do so.
How do I register?
Registering couldn’t be any easier. Go to the registration page and fill in the information. You will automatically receive an email with an activation link. Click it and you are ready to get started with your first PCR project!
Is there any costs involved?
Here comes the good news: PCRdrive is totally free of charge for our users. No hidden costs or payable premium features anywhere.
How can I register together with my team?
Each of your team members will get their own PCRdrive account by signing up on our registration page. To work together on projects, you can set up a team in the according PCR Team section. Add new members by clicking “Add user” and entering their email addresses. If you need help to set up larger teams, please send us an email to, we will be happy to help.
How long will my data be stored in PCRdrive?
We will keep all the data that you share in PCRdrive as long as you need them. Only when you decide to delete them from our server, they will be gone for good.
How secure are my data inside PCRdrive?
We have made an effort to ensure that your data are and will always be safe in PCRdrive: PCRdrive offers SSL protected and fully-encrypted communication with the server Your password is always stored and encrypted with a widely used and well accepted crypt algorithm We do daily backups for emergency and disaster recovery Highest level of user data privacy is guaranteed by using an European based server renting company
Who can access my PCR projects?
By default, you are the only one who can access your own projects. This is ensured by our strict data protection guidelines and measures. Only if you actively decide to make a PCR project publicly available or share it with a group of people, it can be seen and copied by others.
What is IOTA?
IOTA is a next generation crypto currency token that offers extreme scalability and speed. IOTA does not use the traditional blockchain design used by most crypto currencies. Instead, it has developed a new platform called Tangle, which uses a mathematical concept known as Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG). One advantage of this technology is the fact that the network transaction speed increases as the number of users increases. In addition, IOTA comes without transaction costs. For you, IOTA means an easy way to be rewarded in crypto currency micropayments for your contribution to PCRdrive and the PCRdrive community. Read more here:
How is IOTA different from other crypto currencies like Bitcoin?
IOTA was designed to remove the need for blocks and allows for better scaling. In addition, IOTA does not have a concept of miners verifying network transactions like in Bitcoin and other blockchains. Due to the lack of transaction fees, IOTA enables extremely small transactions (nanopayments). This makes it the ideal solution for us to reward PCRdrive users for all activities which are valuable for other users, for example rating published PCRs.
How can I earn IOTA in PCRdrive?
For now, you can earn your first IOTAs by becoming an active user of PCRdrive. Stay tuned as we roll out even more opportunities to engage in our IOTA micropayments. Such opportunities may arise for completing tasks like documenting a certain number of PCRs, participating in constructive feedback surveys or broadening our network.
How do I manage my IOTA?
On your dashboard you always have an overview of your received IOTAs (it can take up to a few hours until they are visible). Click the "Withdraw" button and enter your IOTA address as well as your PCRdrive password to withdraw them. After a member of the PCRdrive team has verified your claim, you will receive your IOTAs at the stated address.
When will I be able to redeem my IOTA?
You can redeem your IOTAs at any point. Simply click the "Withdraw" button on the PCRdrive dashboard.
I should have received my first IOTA credits - why does it still stay "0" on my dashboard?
If you have successfully fulfilled all criteria for earning your IOTAs, we will make them available to you as soon as possible. Please note, however, that it can take up a few hours until they are visible on your dashboard due to technical reasons.
Is there a manual for using the platform?
We believe that PCRdrive is as easy-to-use as it can be. However, we have made a number of resources available at our knowledge base explaining some basic functionalities of PCRdrive like setting up a project or the PCR settings. We hope they will help you to get started!
What do I do when I have a problem with the platform?
We are sorry to hear that you are having problems! Please contact our service team at and send us as many details as possible.
Is PCRdrive capable of fulfilling the regulations required for development of medical tests to be approved by FDA / EMA?
We have not officially reached this status yet, but we are aware of the steps to be taken and are confident that one day we can totally assure that PCRdrive fully fulfils these regulations.

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